cannon1.gif (2345 bytes)

A 3 Inch Cannon - What was I thinking?

Bore: 3 Inch
Barrel Length: 5 Feet
Barrel Weight: 820 Pounds
Average Powder Charge: 1/2 Pound  Black Powder
Ammunition: Cement Filled Dog Food Can
Effective Range:  Miles!

cannoncurt.jpg (53454 bytes)

The barrel was cast by Hern Iron Works in Couer D'Alene Idaho.
The carriage was cobbled together with some spare parts laying around.
Pulling it behind my truck sure keeps tailgaters at bay...

cannoncar.jpg (56630 bytes)

Notice the Mazda RX-7 in the background?

FREEZE09.jpg (55949 bytes)
A freeze frame from video, the moment of kaboom.

FREEZE17.jpg (47493 bytes)

Another Kaboom Moment.

carholes.jpg (46302 bytes)

That old Mazda never stood a chance!

drum.jpg (40138 bytes)

55 Gallon Drum of water - Sploosh

fireball.jpg (31714 bytes)

1 Pint of Diesel Fuel instead of a projectile - Fireball !!!

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